ARC Children’s & Youth Choir Auditions

The first audition date for 2024 will be Wednesday 31st January February  4.30pm, at the Bridge Preston 218 High St Preston.

Following our initial intake for the year,  limited auditions for ARC Children’s Choir can be held Wednesday afternoons during our weekly rehearsals.

To book an audition and free trial please complete the  registration form  or  please contact Amelia on 0434 356 688 or email

ARC Children’s Choir Audition Policy

ARC Children’s Choir is an auditioned choir. The recommended minimum age for auditions is 7 years.

ARC Children’s Choir has established two distinct choral groups – a Children’s Group for beginning/youngers singers (generally primary school aged – grades 1-6) and Youth Groups for more experienced/older singers ( Year 7&8 and Years 9-12). The full choir of all ages also regularly learn and perform pieces together.

All Children being considered for the ARC Children’s Choir are required to undergo a short audition. Most auditions will only take 5-10 minutes and will be undertaken in small groups.

Children do not have to prepare any songs for this audition. During the audition, children will be tested on their:

  • Voice range
  • Pitch (ability to sing in tune)
  • Musicality
  • Ability to follow the instructions of the conductor.

Parents/carers will be informed of the outcome of the audition immediately.  There are two outcomes of the audition.

1. Children offered a place in the ARC Children’s Choir.

Parents/carers will be offered a place for your  child and invited to attend a free trial session.  Parents/carers will be asked to confirm acceptance complete the ARC online Registration and membership form.  This form must be completed prior to the child commencing rehearsals. This form includes:

  • Child and parent contact information.
  • Emergency contact information and Medical alerts.
  • Permission for photos/videos.

2. Children not offered a place in the choir.

Parents/carers will be informed if your child is not offered a place in choir. In this instance, they may be provided with suggestions on how to improve their readiness to be in a formal training choir and may be encouraged to audition again at a later date. If any parents would like to discuss feedback received please contact