AMEB Grade 1

Technical Work – AMEB Grade 1

  1. Grade One Technical Exercises

2. Grade One Vocalise – sing along version.

3. Grade One Vocalise – accompaniment only



  • List A Singin in the Rain (with words for practice only)

List A Singing in the Rain –  (accompaniment backing track)

  • LIST B -I want it now (with words for practice only)

5. List B – I want it now (Accompaniment Backing Track)

  • Little people (with words for practice only) Shortened version for exam.

6. List C – Little people (Backing track)


  1. PITCH Sing the tonic- to hum or sing the tonic at the end of a short unfinished phrase played by the examiner. Use the following practice tracks to practice this. There are 4 sets of examples below.

2. RHYTHMthe examiner will play twice a passage in duple or triple time. You then need to to tap or clap the passage back to the examiner. There are four sets of examples to practice below.

3. PITCH – To hum or sing a short phrase played twice by the examiner, combining melody and time. There are four sets of examples to practice below.

Other exam requirements