Choir Registration 2024

ARC Children’s & Youth Choir Registration 2024

Welcome to ARC Children’s & Youth Choir. All Choir members – both existing and new members are required to register online for our 2024 program. We accept new members throughout the year – please see our auditions page.

Please complete the the below online registration form. If you have any issues completing or submitting the form please contact

Enter the email address we will need to send general updates about the choir. If your child is in secondary school - their email address can be used.
This email address is for the parent/guardian and will also be used to to send invoices.
The name and telephone number of an emergency contact, other than the parent/guardian above must be provided as part of the registration. Only parents/guardians and nominated emergency contacts can collect children from ARC rehearsals or events.
What is the relationship between the child and emergency contact (ie - grandmother, family friend)
Please list any health/medical issues that we should be aware of, including any medications or allergies. Please ensure you provide a current Allergy or Asthma Plan before your first rehearsal. Please advise or any other relevant comments. Please advise if there are any court orders/ family violence intervention orders in place.
All children & young people under the age of 16 years require the consent of a nominated parent/guardian to participate in ARC activities.
For documentation and marketing purposes, photographs and video may be taken while your child is participating in the ARC Children's & Youth Choir. The images will remain the property of ARC and may be used by ARC to promote the program internally and externally in social media and advertisments (Please choose by ticking the appropriate box)